A repository of results from the Arboretum analysis to identify complex gene expression patterns in subpopulation subclusters.

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Subcluster analysis

We reorganized 25 primary clusters into 17 different groups to isolate finer populations by re-clustering subsets of the primary clusters.

Primary 25 clusters

17 subpopulations and those subclusters

  1. FP-cranial MN(Motorneuron)
  2. HB(hindbrain)-SC(spinal cord) proprioceptive
  3. HB-SC sensory Excitatory
  4. HB-SC sensory Inhibitory
  5. HB sensory Excitatory
  6. HB sensory Inhibitory
  7. RA+ dorsal neurons
  8. RA+ ventral neurons
  9. SC sensory
  10. all MN
  11. dl1
  12. dl2
  13. dlA3/dl3
  14. somatic MN
  15. V2a/V3
  16. V2b
  17. visceral MN